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Inspire the power of the community - the world's DAO issuing digital currency

Hand over the distribution rights of tokens to the digital asset investment community

MOS has proposed the concept of token DAO issuing based on various problems existing in the blockchain industry, namely the decentralized autonomous community issuing. The token issuing team does not need any centralized organization to endorse trust. It only needs to focus on core works:concept of project,application of technology, value enhancement, etc.and does not need to consume any team resources on the token issuing. Each team only needs to upload the token release information to the MOSDAO platform for recruitment of underwriting nodes. The project is selected by the underwriting node on MOSDAO platform with professional investment ability and community influence, only projects that have won a broad consensus can be issued in the form of DAO issuing. After downloading and installing MOSDAO, ordinary investment users will enter the underwriting node to exchange tokens. The investmengt risks can be reduced by selecting professionalgood brand underwriting nodes.



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MOS advantages

MOS’s six innovative advantages will lead a new round of blockchain investment boom! With the power of consensus, MOS has an obligation to make every ecological participant get a considerable return of value!

MOS is the world's first DAO issuing project: Listing on the first day of issuing, no locks

All tokens obtained by investors who join the underwriting node are not locked and can be traded in the secondary market at any time. The innovative issuing method proposed by MOS, which truly transfers the token issuing rights to the digital asset investment community. Let the community consensus determine the amount of tokens issued and the circulation of tokens; MOS’s token issuance price rises according to the circulation, the community consensus is high, and the price of tokens will increase steadily, and vice versa. Through this mechanism, MOS completely solved the decoupling of the primary and secondary markets and avoided the sharp fall of the currency price.

MOSDAO product is the world's first token DAO issuing platform

In the future financial industry of digital currency, all banks, financial institutions, investment organizations, and investors will conduct self-organizing consensus and collaboration in a decentralized platform. All financial products: such as stocks, funds, options, wealth management products, etc. will be issued through decentralized self-organizing, also known as DAO. MOSDAO (MOS Parliament) is the future blockchain financial alliance, the decentralized self-organized issuing platform for financial products. MOSDAO will continue to improve the DAO consensus and collaboration mechanism in the practice of DAO2.0 concept, and gradually realize the complete decentralized autonomous state.

MOS price increase adopts class growth mechanism

MOS prices use a hierarchical increment mechanism to issue a certain amount of tokens, and tokens will rise according to a certain percentage. In line with the innovative DAO distribution model of the issuance, the community autonomy of the MOS token issuance price is realized. Let the community consensus determine the value of the token, and let the community consensus determine the currency circulation. With the development and growth of MOS, the class growth mechanism gradually opened up the rising channel price of the MOS token secondary market, and gradually changed the linkage balance of the first-tier and second-tier currency prices to the price of the MOS token completely determined by the secondary market.

MOSPOOL: a full range of digital asset pools, redefining mining industry standards

MOSPOOL supports a variety of services such as power calculation (POW/POS) mining, lock mining, voting mining, cloud computing mining, etc., to create a high-quality all-round digital currency mining pool, let your coins lie down It can also earn coins and preserve value. The MOSPOOL Moss Pool offers more opportunities for on-line exchanges for outstanding digital assets, redefining mining industry standards. Let more people understand better digital currency, realize mutual resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, and promote the sustainable and stable development of community ecology. MOSPOOL Moss Pool relies on strong marketing efforts and marketing strategies to allow users to fissile users and let users More understand the project.

Encrypted MPs: Future equity shareholders of decentralized Financial Alliance

Encrypted MPs are long-term value investors of MOS tokens. The Encrypted MPs represent the interests and willingness of all MOS token holders and has the full network consensus right to participate in MOS’s major decisions. The Encrypted MPs are rewarded with MOS tokens and enjoy dividends airdrops from MOS stage development gains. According to the data, the value of the token is closely related to the number of token holders. The more token holders, the higher the token price. Encrypted MPs’ rewards are anchored the number of new users during the MOS token DAO issuing period. This mechanism has greatly stimulated the Encrypted MPs’ willingness to invite and spread, so that MOS tokens are held by more users.

MOS Starlight Program: A decentralized Community Marketing plan thatconsolidate leaders' consensus.

The MOS Morse Starlight Plan is a rewards program for community leaders who are grateful for helping MOS marketing activites. Send your MOS promotional videos, websites, pictures and personal token-receiving addresses to MOS team by mail. MOS team will regularly select: marketing stars, business stars, etc., and airdrops a certain number of MOS as a starlight reward to these leading stars. There are more than 100 industry KOL, 11 Hong Kong and Taiwan performing stars, six-nation ambassadors have joined the MOS Starlight plan. For details, please see the MOS community information. The MOS Starlight plan is sure to lead the new decentralized marketing model for the digital currency industry.


Underwriting node recruitment

MOS recruits underwriting nodes worldwide. If you have professional digital asset value selection capability or have the influence among communities, you can apply for a MOS’s Genesis token issuing underwriting node. Become an underwriting node and enjoy the underwriting incentives for MOS tokens. See the commercial white paper for details. The dividends of the future decentralized financial industry will belong to the professional and influential underwriting nodes. Accumulate your underwriting performance and establish your brand of nodes, the future will belong to you.

Orange community

One of the founding communities of the VDS project. Orange community is composed of a group of people with lofty ideals who are truly ambitious, dreamy, motivated and visionary

WZ Capital Community

WZ Capital Community was established in March 2018, focusing on project services in the blockchain field, and the business is mainly engaged in high-quality projects. In-depth cooperation with many investment institutions and exchanges.

Dahai community

One of the founding communities of the Bell Chain, the main backbone of the community has been engaged in blockchain for many years, and has a strong ability to identify high-quality blockchain projects.

LingFeng Community

One of the founding communities of the CXC project, the LingFeng Community is deeply rooted in the blockchain industry and is willing to work together with industry professionals to enter a brand new blockchain era.

Bullseye community

The Bullseye Community was established in September 2017, and the Bullseye Community is committed to building a professional blockchain community to jointly build a beautiful blockchain world as the ultimate vision.

AC community

AC has participated in many projects EOS, ETC,etc, the community was established in 2016 and has rich experience in the blockchain industry.

Datong Community

The blockchain community from Europe was once one of the founding communities of FOMO3D.

Wanlong Capital Community

Wanlong Capital, one of the old-fashioned communities, Wanlong Capital Community hopes to achieve a more perfect state through community autonomy.


Node Representative

Thomas L

Asia Pacific node representative
Peking University’s international relations major, the international new and in-depth participants in the blockchain industry, has jointly established a Bitcoin hedge fund before. He has served as a project consultant for the Spartan Warriors organization and has extensive team and project management experience. The family has won the British Empire Medal and has a wealth of government and international cooperation resources.

Andy Chia

Europe node representative
CFA,Graduated from the National University of Singapore and Washington University in St. Louis, a member of the Singapore Blockchain Reform Standards Committee, one of the early investors and evangelists in Ethereum, has participated in early investments in a number of outstanding projects around the world, such as XRP, SC , NEO, ATOM, etc.; have more than 10 years of investment banking, global marketing and trading experience before starting MOS.

Yeow Lim

Australia node representative
Graduated from Nanyang Technological University, he joined the blockchain industry in 2014. He is a continuous entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. He has extensive experience in project operation and promotion. He has assisted many Singapore blockchain companies in financing (more than 10 million US dollars). Yeow has in-depth research on the underlying technology of blockchain and blockchain finance, and is committed to the optimization of next-generation blockchain infrastructure construction and social collaboration systems.

Deacon W

North America node representative
Graduated from Lancaster University, UK, a member of the Bitcoin Free Community, has long been committed to the design of incentive mechanism and optimization of encryption algorithm based on game theory. Former NOKIA system architect, and has worked in many well-known companies such as IB, FundingClub, and as a technical leader involved in the development of digital currency exchanges and wallets, with more than 7 years of experience in distributed system development.


MOS Ecology Introduction

MOS is not just a pure digital currency but an ecologically decentralized financial infrastructure based on blockchain technology. It covers six sectors: MOSCOIN, MOSCHAIN ​​global public chain, MOSPOOL mining pool, MOSOTC OTC, MOSEX exchange and MOSIOT Internet of Things.


MOS tokens are tokens under the new digital currency 3.0 concept. It can not only be a low-cost and fast global payment, but also has the function of equity certificate. Hold MOS tokens and enjoy the dividends of MOS Digital Finance Ecology and MOSDAO.


The global super public-chain based on the DAO 2.0 concept. The future MOSDAO decentralized platform and various decentralized self-organized tokens or DAPPs will run on the MOS public chain. After the MOS public chain is launched, MOS POS pre-mining will be converted into a formal POS power mining mechanism.


MOSPOOL is the world's leading computing mining trading platform, covering POW/POS mining, lock mining, voting mining, cloud mining, etc., providing stability for digital asset investors. Secure digital currency wealth management products.


MOS pays attention to the global digital currency compliance OTC channel and distributed OTC applications based on the DAO concept. In view of the complicated communication process, personal information leakage and many other pain points, MOS will realize the innovative function of anonymous OTC through the application of stable currency plus distributed OTC.


Digital asset exchanges have broad market prospects and are an important channel for the future global digital asset trading. The MOS project cuts into the digital asset exchange market with an aggregated trading model that shares the depth of global exchange trading, and gradually realizes decentralized digital asset trading by centralization.


Mining products based on task-based collaboration of IoT smart hardware. The MOS ecosystem not only realizes decentralized self-organizing collaboration on financial investment, but also can be realized through intelligent hardware, task-based collaboration: development collaboration, design collaboration, voting collaboration, advertising collaboration, manufacturing collaboration, etc

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